Siteoscope gives you the ability to see how your website measures up to the competition by comparing your keyword rankings, site vitals and backlinks with theirs

In order to help you along the way, Siteoscope will identify potential competitors for you to add to your existing list.

 Important: The number of competitors that can be tracked depends on the plan purchased.

Let’s get started:

Login to Siteoscope > Settings > Competitors

  1. Enter your competitor's URL in the box.
  2. Click on the arrow button and wait for the URL to appear below.
  3. Click “Save Changes”.

Build your competitor list:

Based on your website, the keywords you’ve input, and the competitors you’ve listed, Siteoscope will automatically generate a list of your top five (5) competitors, and recommend you track these websites as well.

  1. Click the blue + icon next the competitor you want to add.
  2. Click “Save Changes”.


Click here to get access to the Getting Started Guide. 

Updated on 19 February 2016